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Hair Types

There are so many varieties of Hair extensions in the market that are being sold from very cheap to expensive hair extensions. Many manufacturers and resellers use human hair, mixed human and synthetic hair or synthetic hair only. Many sell them as natural hair, virgin hair, virgin Remy hair, Human hair, so how do you know what are you buying is the right type of hair?

To look natural and luxurious hair, it is important that you are getting 100% natural virgin hair. So what is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Indian Hair:

As you may know, over 95% of the human hair comes from India since only in India women donate their hair to temple as a religious purpose. So if you find genuine Virgin Hair, they most likely come from India regardless what they are called.

The Virgin hairs are completely natural and unprocessed which are not colored, steam processed, or chemically processed.

  • Virgin Hair comes from single head thus will be unique in texture and color.
  • The cuticles (natural protein layers in human hair) are intact. When you look at a single hair strand, it will feel smooth going from root to the end but will be rough in reverse direction. The true Virgin hair will tangle little bit due to these cuticles if you run your fingers through.
  • Indian Virgin Hair comes in natural colors (#1B, #2, #4) that will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.
  • Indian Virgin Hair texture comes in straight (not completely straight), body wavy, wavy, deep wavy, and curly. If you look at each bundle, not all hair will have exact same texture. Only steam processed hair bundle will have same texture on every hair strand with some exceptions. Once installed, the Virgin hair will retain its natural texture after wash, if they are straighten or curled.
  • Virgin Hair doesn’t need to have a long mustache at the weft. Since the cuticles are intact, the cuticles in the mustache will be in reverse direction and will provide enough friction to keep the hair from shedding. If the mustache is long, most likely, the cuticles are removed and require longer mustache to keep them from shedding.
  • Indian Virgin hair will be lighter in color at the end compared to the roots where the weft is. As hair grows, the end of the hair will be exposed more to the sun causing the color of the ends to be lighter.
  • Virgin hair will have some split ends due to cuticles. If there are no split ends, they are most likely not virgin hair or cuticles are removed.
  • Virgin hair will not smell like chemicals as they are not processed.

Virgin Remy Hair:

  • Virgin Remy hair extensions are made from Virgin hair but are processed.
  • Ombre style, Bleached, premed hair, and colored hair are Virgin Remy Hair if they are made from Virgin Hair.

Non-Remy Human Hair:

  • Human hair that is acid washed to remove cuticles called non-Remy hair. They will feel smoother in both direction of each hair strand.
  • Non-Remy hairs are cheaper as they are made from the access hair while making Virgin Hair extensions.
  • Non-Remy Hair will not last long time due to cuticles are removed thus thinner and smother than Virgin Hair. They will become weak and will start breaking after some time.
  • Many manufacturer coat the non-Remy hair will silicon to make them look thicker. If the hair extensions feel smooth and shiny, they are most likely non-Remy Hair.