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Installing Hair Extensions

Installing Hair Extensions

Machine Weft:

Our hair extensions are made with single needle weft machines without using glue.

  • Ideally, professional stylists recommend folding the wefts instead of cutting them to prevent shedding and matting issues. When installing, do not cut the weft. If you need to cut the weft, make sure that the ends are properly sealed or glued to prevent shedding. Shedding causes matting. Sometimes matting could stop after all loose hair falls off or it might continue to shed and damage the weft.
  • While installing weft, you must sew around the weft rather than sewing through the weft. If the installer by oversight pushes the needle through the track of the weft instead of sewing over it, it will weaken the weft and cause shedding.

Micro-wefts (Hand-tied wefts)

The micro-wefts are made by hand thus thinner than even our single needle wefts.

  • Our micro-wefts come pre-cut to prevent shedding.

These simple precautions would ensure the wefts to last longer without shedding and tangling.