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Our Hair Story

The Hair industry is very big through out the world and there are so many verities of hair in the market creating confusion for many stylist and end-user. Many companies uses marketing words that may not describe the product correctly.

Most of the raw material that is raw hair comes from India. Over 90% of the raw hair comes from various temples of India as only Indian women donate their hair in temples for religious purpose. There is also a big market of collecting hair from women hair loss when they comb their hair. These collected hair then are processed or exported to other countries for further process along with raw hair from temple.

Many factories in India and oversea may mix hair that are raw, hair from hair loss or synthetic hair that are sold as virgin hair or natural hair or remy hair. So what is in the name of hair.

Virgin Hair:

Thought many companies may claim that their hair are virgin hair, it may be far from the truth. The virgin hair extensions are made from raw hair that have come from single head. When women donate their hair in temples, these hair are collected from each head intact. These hair are then washed with shampoo/conditioner, thoroughly cleaned, air dried, and then further processed to weft. The virgin hair are completely natural in texture and color and will have cuticle intact. Since the cuticles are intact, one will feel some tangle when combing just like real hair.


Since each bundle comes from single head, no two bundle will exactly be same in color and texture as well as the color will slightly fade from top to bottom as natural hair on women's head do.If you use hot iron to change the texture, they will regain original texture after a wash or two. If well taken care of, the virgin hair will last 2-3 years or longer.

 If anyone selling Virgin hair and all bundle looks exactly same in texture and color and no tangle at all, then they are not virgin hair.

Virgin Remy Hair:

The Remy hair are usually processed hair such that they may be colored, bleached or steam processed to change their color or texture. They will still have cuticle intact but the natural color and/or texture are altered. If multiple bundles are steam processed to create exactly same texture, they will loose their texture over time as you wash them.

Remy Hair:

Remy hair may also be called cuticle-free hair. The cuticle free hair are chemically processed to remove cuticles (out most layer of the hair protein). Since the cuticles are removed from this type of hair, they will feel smoother and completely tangle free. Also due to the lack of the cuticles, these hair will loose their strength and will not last as long as the virgin hair would last. They will start to break over time.

Synthetic hair:

Synthetic hair are not human hair and are made in the factory to look just like human hair. They will be very smooth, little thicker, and exactly same texture and color. Many women may be allergic to the chemicals used in making these hair. It may look nice but will not feel natural human hair when installed.

To understand what real Virgin Hair mean, here are some simple facts.

  • The hair taken from the donor’s head is preserved to ensure all the cuticles are intact and healthy and facing down word direction. It is import for the cuticles to face the same direction to prevent tangling when combing.

  • When processing virgin hair, care is taken to ensure that no chemicals or heat is applied, just pure hair washed, wefted, shampooed and conditioned.

  • This process ensures that the hair stays gentle, glossy and tangle-free in its lifespan.

How do we process our Remy Hair.

  • When we receive the hair from the temple, we un knot the hair and wash it thoroughly in shampoo.

  • Once it is washed we dry it in shade overnight.

  • Then we take the hair and hackle very deeply to eliminate all the short hair.

  • We then bundle the hair and send it for further processing.