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Pre-Installation recommendations

Thank you for choosing midAtlantic Virgin Hair Extensions. Please read carefully below instructions before installing the hair.

We take pride in our products and we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Mid Atlantic Hair Extensions are made using high quality unprocessed Virgin Indian Hair, so do treat it as you would treat your own hair. You can bleach it, perm it or straighten it.

Our wefts are high quality single needle machine weft without glue. Every single weft under goes through quality control checks at our factory and every precaution are taken to ensure that the wefts are strong and sturdy and free of shredding, matting or tangling.

Shedding, tangling and matting (due to loose hair) could easily be avoided with the following simple preventive methods at the installation and after care. We take pride in our product and we want to ensure that our customers are happy.

Pre-Installation recommendations

The midAtlantic Hair extensions are made from high quality Unprocessed pure Virgin Indian Hair. It is recommended to follow suggested instruction before installing your hair.

  • Our hair goes through multiple quality inspections before shipping from our factory in India and also in US before shipping to you
  • In order to prepare for the installation, use mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair with cold to warm water. It is important to keep the band around the bundle during washing to avoid any tangling.
  • Untangle hair by running your fingers through the hair while they are wet. In case you see any shedding, do not install and please call us.
  • Use dry towel or drying cloth and let it air dry.
  • Once the hair is dry, take out the rubber band and fold it four or eight folds and comb the hair starting from bottom end to the top. The hair should not tangle or shed. If you find any problems with the extension, do not install it and call us immediately.
  • If you find any issues after installation, we cannot take responsibility as many other factors may cause shedding or tangling problem after the install.

We stand by our product and for any reason, if there is any manufacturing defect, you will be able to detect before installation. PLEASE CALL US OR RETURN THE WEFT INTACT.