Partner Stylist Program

To Become our Partner Stylist, apply to the Partner Stylist Program Now!

We are excited to invite you to become our Partner Stylist. Please, email or fax a copy of your Cosmetology License or Salon Business License, Drivers license, and Partner Stylist Program Application. You may also start the process by filling out the form below.

Email: | Fax: 410.891.5360

Once enrolled, you can start using your discount by placing orders by phone, or logging onto your account online. (All orders based on available stock).

Please have your clients provide your partner code at checkout in store, online or by phone and receive commission for every full-priced item they order.

Client Referrals: In order to receive credit for purchases made by your clients, your clients must name you as their stylist by calling in a phone order or by providing your partner code in the online order at checkout. If we do not have this information we are not able to give you commission for the sale.

Your Partner Stylist is non-transferable: If you are purchasing for a client and choose to use your discount, you must make the purchase with your own credit card and the order must be shipped to you directly. If the client is paying for the order, your discount can not be used. Note: If the package is being shipped to the client, an additional credit card release form will need to be filled out before the order can be processed.